Structured WAN & LAN

Every business entity must be acquainted with the fact that its Structured Cabling System (SCS) is a crucial part of their network. Consequently, only properly designed, implemented and administered cabling systems will allow streamlined, optimized business operations, best possible utilization of IT resources and protection of capital investments, as well as uninterrupted business continuity

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Therefore, businesses must carefully select a reliable and experienced partner who will focus on their IT imperatives and deliver them reliable, resilient, manageable and most importantly future-proof cabling systems, this is where PineHeight Systems comes into play, as a result of our vast experience in the field; we have also over the years become industries first choice when it comes to Structured Cabling.We design, develop and implement Integrated solutions for LAN, WAN and MAN in copper and optical fiber.

Using PineHeight Systems, structured LAN, WAN and MAN can be deployed at:

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  • Faster rate
  • At lower cost
  • With greater flexibility