Network Monitoring

Businesses are continually scrutinizing IT budgets. Quality of service, high-availability and security demands are at an all time high. The Internet has revolutionized how businesses operate, allowing us the ability to proactively monitor your critical devices and services and predict potential failures before they occur. Network Monitoring and Management utilities focus on gathering and storing data about networks, and the devices attached to them, with the specific aim of enabling network administrators to proactively manage the network. Our Network Monitoring and Management tools typically allow administrators to manage the configuration of network devices and may also perform tasks such as vulnerability and patch management.

network designer

As a network manager, you know that not all of your devices and services are created equal. Some support critical business operations, have executive level visibility, and simply cannot fail. Others are important but can weather some downtime – though you would like to proactively identify issues and resolve them before a complete failure of service ensues. It’s only logical, that you would want to set up different levels of monitoring on the infrastructure and application services under your watch. And, since the devices and systems talk different languages, you need broad support for industry standard technologies to effectively monitor your core business applications and services.

Our network monitoring solutions makes it easy to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve performance issues within your ever-changing corporate or data centre network. We deliver real-time views and dashboards that enable you to visually track network performance at a glance. Plus, with our dynamic network topology maps and automated network discovery features, you can keep up with your evolving network without breaking a sweat.