Wireless Connectivity

PineHeight Systems has created a highly-flexible and cost-effective fixed wireless solution specifically designed for the provisioning of voice and data services in areas where little or no infrastructure exists. This solution may also be used in areas with existing infrastructure to allow a new-entrant to provide an alternative service platform. Many areas in developed and developing markets lack the core infrastructure to enable the delivery of voice and data services to:

  • Residents
  • Businesses
  • Schools


The reasons for this may be economic, political, or simply timing. Either way, people in these areas need to be able to communicate to meet economic development, education and community needs. PineHeight Systems has responded to this problem by developing a highly-flexible, spectrum agnostic, fixed wireless solution that can provide platforms based on:

  • WiMAX utilizing licensed spectrum 
  • Open spectrum/Wi-Fi in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands
  • Combination of both

The choice depends on the location and spectrum rights available to the service provider. PineHeight Systems fixed wireless solution is made up of its remotely-upgradeable, multi-radio base station as well as cost-effective and easy-to-install CPE. The base stations are deployed in strategic locations throughout the network area depending on bandwidth and coverage requirements.

Backhaul from the base stations to the core network is provided using a combination of best-of-breed, third party, point-to-point, wireless solutions. At the end user level, the CPE is deployed at the school, residence or business and comprises an antenna, mini wireless node, power supply and Ethernet ports to connect phone lines and computers.

PineHeight Systems Wireless understands that customer and operator needs are different in each location, whether from an application, quality of service or spectrum perspective. With the rapid evolution of technology, PineHeight Systems has ensured that its solution remains future-proof by creating base station and CPE that are:

  • Remotely upgradeable from a software perspective  
  • Modular and upgradeable from a hardware and component perspective

In response to different application and security requirements, as well as the need in some locations to support more than one service provider on the same set of infrastructure, PineHeight Systems has developed a proprietary virtual network technology for multi-hop wireless networks using:

  • Multiple VLANs  
  • Multiple SSIDs

This creates a truly secure and multi-layered wireless network solution allowing multiple service providers to deliver different secure and prioritized applications all on the same set of infrastructure.

At PineHeight Systems Limited,

  • We deploy Wireless base stations for Internet Service Providers.
  • We deploy Hotspot zones for organizations, schools, agencies, corporate bodies, businesses, etc.
  • We implement hotspot security and billing using reliable hotspot softwares.
  • Our wireless network/hotspot services are available for both outdoor and indoor inplementation.
  • We supply wireless network devices