CCTV Video Systems

CCTV, Closed Circuit Television, is a TV system that does not broadcast TV signals to public but transmits them over to limited monitor(s). CCTV system usually utilizes CCD video cameras (to produce the video), cable or wireless transmitters/receivers or Internet (to transmit the video), and monitors (to see the video).

CCTV system is not only applied to the security and surveillance purposes but also to the other fields like laboratory in schools or in private companies, even to production lines in factories. The PineHeight Systems digital surveillance system is top the line technology in security digital surveillance industry.

The major components that make up the circuit are: the cameras, the PC-based DVR, the quad, and the monitors. This system has the option for fixed cameras, black and white cameras, colour cameras as well as camera systems with pan, tilt and zoom.

Features of our CCTV

  • Remote Network Accessibility

  • Event Management and Video with High Image Quality

  • Scalable and Flexible

  • Cost-effective